PVS Junior Coaching

Junior coaching is intended for children and young people of all ages 8-18.

We ask that you describe your own tennis background as accurately as possible in the registration form so that we can find the most suitable group for you as quickly as possible.

Exercises mainly on weekday evenings.

You can also join in the middle of the season, if suitable places are found and the price of the season is considered accordingly. In this case, too, fill in the form and we will contact you.

Be sure to also read the coaching rules, you can find them here.

The Coaching prices for the period 2020-21:

Autumn season: 1 hour / week: 280 euros, 2 hours / week: 535 euros

Spring season: 1 hour / week: 340 euros, 2 hours / week: 650 euros

Summer season: 1 hour / week: 105 euros, 2 hours / week: 185 euros, 3 hours / week 270 euros