PVS Minitennis

Mini-tennis is mainly for children aged 4-8. (Note: age is not limited)

The Mini-tennis lessons practice basic tennis skills.

The exercises include games and games that develop basic motor skills and a ball eye. Mini tennis is played on the mini tennis court with soft balls.

Feel free to come along to try and have fun! The first two times can always be visited.

You can also join in the middle of the season, if there are only places available, fill in the form and we will contact you!

Coaching prices for the period 2020-2021:

Autumn season: 1 hour / week: 195 euros, 2 hours / week: 380 euros

Spring season: 1 hour / week: 240 euros, 2 hours / week: 470 euros

Summer season: 1 hour / week: 90 euros, 2 hours / week: 170 euros