Isomäki Outdoor fields reservation

The operation of the Pori Isomäki outdoor tennis courts and the reservation system / reservations are managed by PVS.

The indoor tennis courts (Porin Tennishalli) and Padel courts are managed by Porin Tennishalli Oy.

In matters related to outdoor fields, please contact PVS:

Juuso Saarinen

0440 557 570

However, we cannot handle bulk bookings by phone. Reservations must be made via the electronic system!​​​​​​​

Bulk prices 2021:

Fields 1-2 (plexiglass platform): Club member: 10 euros / hour, others 12 euros / hour

Fields 3-5 (mass): Club member: 12 euros / hour, others 14 euros / hour

Prices for standard shifts / hour 2021:

Fields 1-2 (plexiglass platform): 150 euros / summer Fields 3-5 (mass): 200 euros / summer

If you want to book a regular shift, send the information below by e-mail to

  • Desired time of the standard shift (s)
  • Name (if applicable, company name)
  • Telephone number
  • Email address (billing to this address)

The prices of standard flights have been thought to be favorable in relation to the length of the summer season and the number of flights (playable weeks). Therefore, in the event of rain, it is not possible to receive a refund for the price of a standard flight or a replacement flight. If you want to play indoors, you have to book a turn there separately. We still firmly believe that regular shift bookers get good value for their money and lots of “dry” game hours on the outdoor courts.

NOTE: Outdoor field operations and reservation system (s) are activities managed by PVS. The tennis hall does not take care of practical matters or reservations related to the outdoor courts. In matters related to outdoor fields, please contact PVS primarily by e-mail. Bulk bookings must be made through the electronic booking system.